Hott Synopsis:

Temper, Sam, just keep your temper. There will be no strangling the deceased step-father during his funeral. It would mortify your mother.

Come on, Sam…. You can get through a few hours of making nice before you have to go back and clean up this catastrophe he created. You will not allow all of the generations that created your once-thriving chocolate business down. You will find a way to keep the bank from taking the dream that your family has slaved over.

It’s all up to you, Sam… Now, stop talking to yourself and fix things!

Hott Review:

What I liked: The book ;). Yup, I read this book in one day on the field to/from a field trip. It was so very hard to put it down and participate!
I think I enjoyed this because it felt so real. Yes, there was a romance hidden in there but more than that, this book was about a family struggling to come out on top – and the friends that support them.
What I didn’t like: The fact that they get to eat yummy chocolate constantly but no one exercises! It’s so not right!!!


Author: Sheila Roberts
Source: Harlequin
Grade: A+
Steam: It’s mostly YA appropriate. There is some foul language and a bit of lusting but that’s about it.
Series: Life in Icicle Falls #2
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