Deadly Webs by James Hunt

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Mallory Givens is a model student at SouthSide Middle. Her teachers love her, and her single parent mother always knows her twelve year-old daughter will make the right decisions. But when Mallory goes missing, her mother calls Seattle PD for help. Detective Chase Grant, and his partner, piece together the evidence to find the girl before time runs out.

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Hott Review:

I’m coming to the end of the In Death series, well, I’m at least almost caught up 🙂 so I thought it was time to start looking for a new series to read.

I bought Deadly Webs as a free read a while back and was hoping it would be my next neverending series.

Deadly Webs was a great book. It wasn’t much of a mystery or suspense, but I attribute that to it being a novella. However there was a lot of action and detective work which was interesting and encompassing.

What didn’t I like? Honestly, it was that I’ve just found that, based on the final scene in Deadly Webs, the series is going to consist of child abductions. I won’t be able to handle many more of those, especially if they don’t end well.


Author: James Hunt
Source: U purchased Deadly Webs for Kindle on January 25, 2017 when it was free.
Publisher & Date: January 9th 2017
Genre: Psychological Suspense | Police Procedural
Pages: 135
Grade: B+
Ages: 16+
Steam: Adult | Due to the foul language
Setting: Seattle Washington
Series: Deadly Webs


Author Bio:

James Hunt’s passion for writing began at an early age. While his journal of yesteryear may never be the work of great fiction, he’s been working hard every day since then to bring pages to life. James has well over a decade of writing under his belt, but his professional career in literature didn’t take off until 2014.

James currently lives in Orlando, FL and when he’s not pounding away at the keyboard you can find him at the theater or somewhere outside enjoying the beautiful Florida weather.


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