May I Kiss You?

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A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, & Sexual Assault Awareness

May I Kiss You? is an in-depth look at the realities of dating and intimacy. While most people simply “make their move” on a date, Mike Domitrz reveals why asking first makes all the difference. Domitrz’s candid advice, real-life scenarios, and interactive exercises will revolutionize your approach to dating while adding romance, building respect, and heightening your awareness of sexual misconduct and assault. Students, parents, educators, and professionals are experiencing powerful success with this innovative, respectful, and fun approach to dating.

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What I liked: May I Kiss You? is a great book that concisely explains what consent is and why it’s necessary. In addition to the short chapters that help with every aspect of this – including how to support a friend – May I Kiss You? has highlighted sections detailing specifics and has thought-provoking questions and info on where to go if you need/want more info.
Even though it’s written more like a conversation there is so much great info in May I Kiss You? it really belongs on the shelf of every person.
What I didn’t like: It truly annoys me that we NEED books like this. Why is this an issue? Why do we need to explain in detail what consent is and why it’s necessary?

Looking for a great way to explain this that completely backs up why you need to ask share this:


Author: Michael J. Domitrz
Source: A friend Lent this to me
Publisher & Date: March 27th 2003 by Awareness Publications
Genre: NonFiction
ISBN: 0972928200 (ISBN13: 9780972928205)
Pages: 107
Grade: A

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