Grandmother only wished for one thing – for her daughters to come together once more to complete the quilt that she started – and now it’s too late. There is only one thing left to be done, her granddaughters need to finish it instead. On the one year anniversary of her death.

Patterns of Love

Carla is the youngest of the cousins and has spent her life feeling inadequate in their shadows. Except for the short period of time that she was a figure skater. That was a talent that God gave her but is the chance at figure skating once more with the possibility to once more be ‘something’ going to be worth the sacrifices that she’ll have to make?

Review: This was a sweet Christian romance that reminds us to accept us as we are made.

Author: Frances Devine
Grade: B
Ages: 16+

Unraveling Love

On the eve of her graduation Zoe left town with her mother leaving the man she loved and intended to marry. Dewayne. Though she still carries him in her heart she can’t help but feel that her mother really did need to come first. Now, her mother is gone and Zoe most rely on Dewayne to help her to get to the meeting with her cousins.

Review: So much fun! I really enjoyed Zoe’s personality and her outlook. She wasn’t perfect just real. Her life verse is Romans 8:28 and sometime it’s funny to see her trying to find the good in everything…

Author: Cynthia Hickey
Grade: A
Ages: 16+

Stitched in Love

Healing from an ACL injury Volleyball Olympic hopeful Danni can’t wait to get back to her sport but Grandma’s quilt must come first. To do that she needs to find her mother’s quilt square. Her mother has hidden it and skipped town still resentful over the twelve-year rift with her sisters. Danni’s mother even deserted her at the airport… well, she did at least arrange a ride from the only man Danni has ever loved – like that what Danni needs now.

Review: I loved every word! It was so very real – a war hero dealing with PTSD and a volleyball player still stinging from the shift her life has taken. I didn’t put this one down!

Author: Winter A. Peck
Grade: A
Ages: 16+

Designed to Love

Eve is tremendously excited to spend a few days lounging by herself at the hotel before her cousins arrive. Until, of course, her quilt squares are stolen and security blows her off like a gnat. Don’t they realize that sentimental value is valuable as well. And why is it that Psalm 46:10 keeps echoing in her head, her heart, and her conversations?

Review: Fantistic! This was terribly exciting and so much fun!

Author: Marilyn Leach
Grade: A+
Ages: 16+


Source: Barbour Books via Netgalley
Overall Grade: A
Series: Romancing America


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