Percy has had a wonderful year of school. He’s made a new friend – of course, that friend is a bit odd and keeps others from liking him. So he finds it a bit odd that on his last day of school he begins to have problems. 

First he wakes screaming from a nightmare involving Grover – but that’s impossible, Grover left for his quest moths ago. Then he’s told that he won’t be permitted to return to camp for the summer – but isn’t told why. Then the school bully gains friends that decide to eat them for lunch. Well, it could be worse.. wait it is, Annabeth shows up and detests his new friend.

Wow. Percy’s summer is not getting off to a good start. This book picks up the summer following his last adventure. He’s not heard from anyone and knows nothing – well, except for Annabeth’s letter. He’s doing well in school. He’s picked the child who needs protected to be his friend – again. Percy’s life is back to normal. Well, as normal as the life of a half-blood can be.

I enjoyed this. I liked the first book better – but this was still a good book. It was fun, exciting, and you really do learn a lot about mythology. However, there is way too much info about ‘what happened in the last book’ almost to the point that I felt like this one wouldn’t have stood on it’s own without it. Then there were the minor irritations – petty silly little things that honestly do not matter – like yes, grammatically it is correct to say ‘into Chesapeake Bay’ however, if you’re from the area or visit it like they supposedly did they’d have said ‘into the Chesapeake’. See silly, right? Still it bothers me…

CJ’s rating: A+
– He LOVED the fire-breathing bulls attack on the Camp. He laughed hysterically at Blackbeard. He’s really developed a dislike for Circe. 

Rating: B
Buy or Borrow: Borrow

2 Replies to “The Sea of Monsters”

  1. My fifth grade daughter loves this series, too. Not as much as she loves Harry Potter… but very close! I've only read the first in the series… maybe I'll read this one before the movie comes out. 😉

  2. I was shocked! I didn't think I'd enjoy it. CJ says I have to read the rest – he finished them so quickly!! He loves it when I read what he does!

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