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Which is worse?


Knowing that the fall of a nation and a small pox epidemic is immanent or not quite remembering when?

For Gabi it’s not knowing when. Not knowing whether the small pox or the fall will kill these people she’s grown to love is driving her crazy. Or maybe it’s that she cant remember whether it starts tomorrow or in twenty years.

Perhaps, if she was with her sister Lia they could travel home and get a bit more information and possibly some immunizations. Possibly their mother would be a bit of help as well. Especially, since a war is on it’s way to her door and she’s just befriended a neighbor who has smallpox symptoms. Can Gabi make it through the war and the epidemic?

Hott Review

Young adult is not something I generally enjoy but this book was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t put it down! It really astonished me, because I thought there there was no way a YA series could hold me for not just one book but two! It was romantic but the was just a side story. It was historical but the did come from the future. It included time travel but that was the only sci-fi. It was adventurous but not so that it was overwhelming. It was inspirational but not religious. I’m not even sure about the young adult – I was encompassed.

I had fully anticipated this story being about Lia but was pleasantly surprised to find that it also followed Gabi’s journey – or lack thereof – to return home. Gabi is snarky, in love with a ‘prince’ engaged to someone else, and trying to make her way in the wrong time. Enjoy your journey back through time!

Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
Rating: A
Steam: Nada
Series: River of Time # 2
Publisher: David C. Cook Publish Date: June 2011
ISBN: 1434764311 Price: $9.99(GR)
Others in the series: Waterfall, 1
Cascade, 2
Torrent, 3

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  1. Can't wait to gobble up this series this weekend. Every review I've ever read about these books just raves about them!

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