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Review: Torrent by @LisaTBergren

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The Ladies Betarrini are back. In time, that is.

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Take a turn through ancient Italy and see what you’re made of. Could you turn yourself over to the enemy in order to save the lives of the people that you love and to restore your beloved’s ancestral home? Could you travel to Rome promising a man you don’t trust and could never love that you’ll marry him?

After taking care of some business in tge present day, Gabi and Lia have returned to their friends in ancient Italy, all the while wondering why God have given them this chance. Neither of the girls had ever been great followers of God. Neither are extraordinary. Neither have ever done anything special.

But, Gabi can’t help but to wonder if they’ve been sent to remedy that fact.

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Do you know those books that you put off reading because you’re afraid that reality may invade? The ones that you know you won’t want to be interrupted? This is one of those books.

Uhhh, series.

Clear your schedules, my friends and take a trip through time.

Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
Rating: A
Steam: Y/A — older teen
Series: River of Time 3
Others in the series: Waterfall, 1
Cascade, 2
Torrent, 3

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2 thoughts on “Review: Torrent by @LisaTBergren

  1. I am glad that I won these and will be continuing the series after Waterfall! I am looking forward to Cascade and Torrent!

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