Hott Synopsis

Conner O’Brien is willing to give Heather Donovan almost everything she’s ever dreamed of.


Well, he’ll give her everything except marriage. He just can’t see what the big deal is. He’s a divorce lawyer, for goodness sakes! He sees how horribly spouses treat each other every day. At least if they don’t get married neither will ever feel the need to stay somewhere they don’t want to be.

Happily-ever-after is what Heather has been dreaming of her entire life and no matter how much she loves Conner she can’t give up on that dream. Not even for their son. Still, maybe moving to Chesapeake Shores where Conner’s family lives wasn’t such a great idea either – it’s a bit hard to get over someone when you see his family members every time you peek out your door – or bar it closed.

Hott Review

Ms. Woods did a superb job of bringing out the defensive mom when I was reading this book. Oh, I was absolutely 100% behind Heather leaving Conner. Especially, after she apologized for changing the rules by deciding she was no longer willing to settle for life without the marriage certificate. How could I not get behind that?

But I also fell in love with Conner – which was a feat because after A Chesapeake Shores Christmas I really didn’t like him very much! But by the middle of the book I was rooting for him.

This was a light, fun read. No crying. No mystery. No DRAMA. Just a single mom trying to do what she thinks is best for herself and her son.

Rating: A
Steam: YA – entirely appropriate. Well, there were some suggestive looks.
Series: Chesapeake Shores 5
Publisher: Mira Publish Date: March 29th 2011
ISBN: 077832947X Price: $3.99(GR)
Others in the series: 1. The Inn At Eagle Point
2. Flowers on Main
3. Harbor Lights
4. A Chesapeake Shores Christmas
5. Driftwood Cottage (April 2011)
6. Moonlight Cove (May 2011)
7. Beach Lane (June 2011)
8. An O’Brien Family Christmas (October 2011)

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