Hott Synopsis:

Miranda Hunt only cares about one thing – proving to her father that she can be a Pinkerton Agent – it doesn’t seem to matter that he’s been dead for three years.

So when a job comes around that she’s uniquely qualified to handle she accepts without a moment’s hesitation. All she has to do is to learn how to run a ranch from an amazing female rancher and promise never to get married… at least until the job is finished.

Soon, she’s have everything she’s ever wanted – but is it what she’ll always want?

Hott Review:

This book ran hot and cold for me. For a while I just wanted to put it down but overall I really enjoyed it. It was funny in a cute way. It was romantic. Sometimes I’d stop enjoying it for a page or two but then it’d turn out well and I’d get back into the story.
I didn’t read the other two stories in the series but had absolutely no problem picking this one up and following along.


Author: Margaret Brownley
Source: Thomas Nelson via Netgalley
Grade: B
Ages: 18+
Steam: Adult – though there was noting explicit there were some leading statements that may be inappropriate for younger readers.
Setting: Arizona Territory 1897
Series: The Brides Of Last Chance Ranch, 3


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