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Review | A November Bride

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Sadie McAllister has just been broken up with via text, again! When is she ever going to start picking guys who know how to hold a conversation. Guys like her best friend Erik Davis.

Erik had decided that he’s not ok with being “just friends” with Sadie anymore. Sadie may not have been all by his kiss when they were 18 but hopefully he’s learned something since then. If only he can show her he’s the man she needs.

Hott Review:

I loved reading A November Bride! This book was so much fun – it was so sweet and so, well, just fun. Sadie and Eric were very light and friendly and they both had great personalities.
This book is a must read!


Author: Beth K. Vogt
Source: Zondervan via Netgalley
Grade: A
Ages: 16+
Steam: Nada
Series: A Year of Weddings, 12

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Author Bio:

God’s best is often found behind the doors marked “Never.”

So many times I approached life with with a virtual roll of yellow duct tape emblazoned with the word NEVER. Over and over again I sealed off certain opportunities.
I would never marry a doctor or anyone in the military.
I would never have children.
I would never write fiction.

And don’t you know God stripped off the duct tape and walked me through each of those NEVER doors?

Have you ever marked a door NEVER … only to discover his best waited where you said you’d never go?

Following God through that door doesn’t mean we’re on “easy street,”‘even though we’re where he wants us to be.

” Show me your ways, Lord,
teach me your paths.
Guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God my Savior,
and my hope is in you all day long.”
– Psalm 25:4-5 (NIV)

There’s more to happily ever after than the fairy tales tell us. We’re living real life — and relationships are messy, even when you believe in God. Even when you anchor your life to his promises.

I live my life acknowledging these realities … And I weave these truths into the stories I write.

You can learn more about Beth and her books by visiting: author's website twitter facebook

* info from http://www.bethvogt.com/novelist-beth-vogt/


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