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Life is hard for everyone. Some chose to wallow in the muck waiting to be saved or complaining about their circumstances while others drag themselves from the mire, clean up, and move on with their lesson fully learned.

Today, two people have that choice to make. Their circumstances have changed. They can grab the disguised rainbow or reach for the dead branch. Or they can boost each other though the new challenge.

Gretchen can allow the tragic loss of her husband to destroy the family they made. Melissa can allow her mother’s passing to keep her from the family she’s never heard about or search for the one she’s been praying for. They can remind each other why we need friends or continue to ignore each other in the hallway.

Hott Review

One section of the book says:

“Sometimes you meet people, total strangers, who feel like home. Even if that home is filled with noise and dysfunction and silence that is beyond bearing, it’s still home, with its secondhand furniture, worn comforters, and smiles from people who love you despite your lopsided personality and crooked moods.

This explains exactly how this book made me feel!

Author: Donna VanLiere
Grade: A+
Ages: 15+
Steam: None
Series: Christmas Hope #6

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