I love Focus on the Family. I always have. I was terribly sad when Mr. Dobson retired but I must say that there is something about Jim Daly that I can’t help but admire.

He’s a Christian but, from what I’ve heard & read, he’s not the kind of judgmental Christian I avoid. For instance, I recently read his post “Why You Can’t Teach Just Abstinence” and it brought tears to my eyes.

I was taught abstinence. It’s what I teach my children. BUT, I also teach them that there is a lot more to abstinence than a single act & that no matter what you’ve done or what has been done to you God, and I, will love them anyway.

I remember visiting churches as a single pregnant mother. Most weren’t loving. And while I regretted that I didn’t follow God’s commands I couldn’t/can’t help but to be thankful that he gave me my wonderful son. It was really a shock to me that so many were judging me by me obvious sin instead of helping me to get back on the narrow way.

Following all of God’s commands is impossible. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try but that you can’t live your live in regret of your past. You can only ask for forgiveness and then move on – you do need to stop sinning in the same way over & over too – God will forgive you if you’re truly contrite.

Take some time and make sure that your loved ones know that you’ll love them no matter their actions!

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