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Saving Sailor, Renee Riva

Saving Sailor from death row was a huge moment in the life of Angelina Julia – who much prefers being called A.J.
The summer that A.J. turns 10 is the best summer in her whole life. She absolutely knows she will remember it that way always. A.J. is from a typical Italian-American family and clearly details how life was so much different then than it is now.

Personally, This book took way too long to read. I’m not sure if it was a mood or what but I just could not get into it. I’m generally a plot reader and while the storyline is good – there is no plot.

I really enjoyed A.J.’s thoughts on God. He’s a huge part of her life and makes it clear to everyone where they stand. She’s also very honest – wondering, like a 10 year old does – what exactly she is to repent for and when it’s not really a sin.

Saving Sailor, Renee Riva
I’m not really sure what age group this book is good for because I just couldn’t get into it. It reads as if you’re reading a ten year old’s diary but the end makes you think she wrote it as a late teen. Possibly, I’d have read it in my early teens, but I know my boys would never read it. It really isn’t a bad book, it was well written and very realistic, I just couldn’t get ‘into it.’

Rating: C

Have you read it? What are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Saving Sailor, Renee Riva

  1. Hi Gina,

    Yes, I read Saving Sailor. I actually wrote it! :O)
    Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them. I think some writers are more plot driven than I am. My stories tend to be more character driven. I wrote Saving Sailor about a time from my childhood that was simpler and less stressful than today. I enjoy reading books that help me relax since real life is so past paced sometimes. I thought it would be fun for people to know what life was like before computers, and how nice it was to just float with a dog on a lake and stay in a cabin on an island all summer. But there are lots of readers who enjoy more action and a definite plot. AJ did learn a lot about life and herself that summer and it would affect who she becomes as she grows up. The good news is, there are many different writers and many different readers, and there are enough books for everyone to find their own style. Thanks so much for reading my book. You might enjoy the sequels more–AJ is a little older in each one: Taking Tuscany, and Heading Home are both out now too.
    Renee Riva

  2. Renee –
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment!!

    It's really funny because though it wasn't a book that I loved I actually couldn't stop reading it. Your writing is very compelling.

    I'll look for the other books. Thanks again!

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