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My Father-in-law owns a meat store where my 16-year-old has worked every summer for years and as a help to CJ’s class fundraiser my FIL supplied the lunchmeat needed to make sandwiches to sell at school. The orders were in and CJ & I were driving home after picking the stuff up, but we’d missed my FIL.

“CJ, did Pap leave instruction on how to make the sandwiches?”

“It’s okay, I’ve done it lots of times. It’s really easy. First, you put the bottom piece of the bun down, then you put the meat on it, then you put on the cheese, then the top piece of bun, and then all you have to do it put it in a bag and use a twistie on it.”

“Really? That’s how you make a sandwich? I’d no idea. Wanna tell me how much meat to put on these, Einstein?”

“Um, about point 5.”

“Point 5, huh? How do we determine what point five is?”

“OOOHHHH!!! That’s what you wanted instruction for – we don’t have a scale at home! That makes more sense!”

Gracious!! & I claim him!

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