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Hott Synopsis

Being a teenager stinks!
But being a teenager with parents who travel the world searching for Eutrician artifacts is especially distressing! It’s bad enough being dragged across Italy every summer but Gabi and Lia don’t even get to see anything… well, at least not until after it’s been completely documented and everyone else has been through it. The girls are not children anymore – why can’t anyone see that?

So early one day while their mother deals with some bureaucratic paperwork the girls sneak into one of the burial caves. What they find there is astonishing… it’s a pathway to the past. More specifically, the fourth century BC. The only bad thing about this – well, other than the fact that they have idea of how to return – is that Gabi arrives without Lia. Without Lia, Gabi has no hope of returning.

Of course, when she meets the handsome knight why would she want to? Oh, yes, because he’s engaged – but interested.

Hott Review

I was a bit concerned when this ‘new to me’ author contacted me and requested that I read her YA Historical. I mean, yeah, I know I’m awesome but how did she know. No, but honestly, YA is not really my thing. I adore historicals but really haven’t been doing that recently. So now, because of one author, I guess I’ll have to revamp my reading list because: This was a terrific YA! The characters were fun and interesting, the plot was solid and not too fantastical.

When I was approached with this book I for some reason had it in my head that it was a paranormal but it worked since to me time travel has never felt like para. To me time travel is more of something we’ve just not figured out how to do yet. I loved how the author approached it – instead of using the ever used ‘magic’ she instead made the time travel something that just fit God’s purpose – so that if you believe in God time travel is impossible not to believe in.

Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
Rating: A
Steam: Nada
Series: River of Time # 1


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