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I have a confession to make. Every Saturday – after soccer – I pile all of my thoughts for the week on the desk and prep the the non-review posts (yes, the reviews are done through July… I have OCD!!). Well, I’ve been scrambling this week because we didn’t have soccer last Saturday so I, well, took the day off.

We love the Smithsonian in DC and go there several times a year, we also visit Gettysburg and Antietam every year. I was planning to do the Smithsonian thing because the cherry blossoms were coming in and as it wasn’t quite spring yet I thought it would be slow but Zany has a report due on monkey and ‘really needs to get some pictures.’ Apparently the ones from the last million times weren’t enough, but… oh, well.

We had a terrific time! We managed to see everything in three and a half hours. We walked five and a half miles. That’s approximately one and a half miles an hour AND we stopped to look at EVERYTHING. (Yes, we were booking. I’m not even sure why but I think we do that in the mall as well because we can go in most of the stores and walk the entire mall in less than an hour. And the answer to your next question is, “No, we don’t kill time well”.)

This year we even got to see my son think he was being attacked by a bird! Join in for a laugh:

(FYI – that’s Hubby at Bug on the left at the beginning. CJ is the one running from the bird. Zany is the one who talks through the whole thing…. as usual!)

I love where I live!

I really do! I can visit so very many of our National Historical Treasures with less than 2 hours drive. There are 24 hour stores, restaurants, and pharmacies within a couple of minutes. Yet, I still get to see cows and corn fields every day on my way to work. (Nope, just not the farm girl type!)

You can view more of our pictures if you want to see all of the awesome animals:

4 Replies to “A Day Off @NationalZoo”

  1. I love the National Zoo! My brother lives outside of DC and I get there frequently to visit him. There are so many fun things to do there.

    And you have your reviews done through July?!?

  2. Yes! I love the zoo! There are so many fun things to do in DC!

    Yes! I'm a schedule girl… UGH!

  3. Your boys and hubby are so cute! Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂 I grinned the whole time.

  4. Haha! If only we earned a dollar for every time one of our kids said "Mommy"!! Cute video!

    Loved the DC pictures, too. Except I don't think you were in a singe photo!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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