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How dare she?

That child should be dead! The order was for the entire family to be erased – not all but one! How on earth could a nine-year old be the undoing of a professional team?

Why was she out of bed? Children should do as they’re told!

New mission: find the nine-year old and finish the mission.

Hott Review

This book is a re-read or me. It’s such a terrific suspenseful mystery that I’ve enjoyed it over and over.

Even if you don’t love the series, this book is a must read!

Nora Roberts | J.D. Robb
Grade: A+
Steam: Adult
Series: In Death #20
Others in the series: Naked in Death, 1
Glory in Death, 2
Immortal in Death, 3
Rapture in Death, 4
Ceremony in Death, 5
Vengeance in Death, 6
Holiday in Death, 7
Midnight in Death (Three in Death), 7.5
Conspiracy in Death, 8
Loyalty in Death, 9
Witness in Death, 10
Judgment in Death, 11
Betrayal in Death, 12
Interlude in Death (Three in Death), 12.5
Seduction in Death, 13
Reunion in Death, 14
Purity in Death, 15
Portrait in Death, 16
Imitation in Death, 17
Remember When: Big Jack, 17.5
Divided in Death, 18
Visions in Death, 19
Survivor in Death, 20
Origin in Death, 21
Memory in Death, 22
Haunted in Death (Three in Death), 22.5
Born in Death, 23
Innocent in Death, 24
Eternity in Death (Time of Death), 24.5
Creation in Death, 25
Strangers in Death, 26
Salvation in Death, 27
Ritual in Death (Time of Death), 27.5
Promises in Death, 28
Kindred in Death
Missing in Death (Time of Death), 29.5
Fantasy in Death, 30
Indulgence in Death, 31
Possession In Death (The Other Side), 31.5
Treachery in Death, 32
New York to Dallas, 33
Chaos in Death (The Unquiet), 33.5
Celebrity in Death, 34

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13 Replies to “Review: Survivor in Death”

  1. This was my first JD Robb, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I picked it up from the remainder section. I never guessed it would spark an obsession! 😉 I haven't read it since then, but I should pick it up again, especially since you gave it such a high grade.

  2. I'm only up to the book that comes right after this one, but so far … Survivor in Death is one of my absolute favorites in this series. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well.

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